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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Last Sunday night Renuka and I went over to Arati & Roy's house in Colombo. Arati is Renuka's former manager's sister-in-law who Renuka got in touch with when she got to Colombo. I've been over to their place once before when they invited us for dinner, which was fantastic by the way, and this time we were having a "potluck" which really meant Renuka and Arati cooking. Arati and Roy are awesome, really nice couple from Bangalore who are in Sri Lanka partially work and partially because they wanted to get away for a bit. They have a cute, well decorated house - both studied art/graphic design in Bangalore so its not surprising. Their place is basically like a lounge, and I enjoy simply hanging out somewhere besides a bar or the hotel, and talking to other people. I lucked out to meet them and hopefully someday they can come over to the US and hang out at my place. Dinner was fabulous and we had a good time just shootin the breeze, playing with their temporary pet kitten who loves clawing my shirt, and looking at wedding pictures.

Tonight (Thursday) we're meeting up with them again to hit up Han Gook Gwan, a local Korean restaurant that was recommended to Roy. Its been a while since I've had Korean so I'm looking forward to it. Also, the USA is playing Ghana and trying to sneak into the round of 16 of the world cup, which would eclipse the last world cup's ultimate backdoor play.

Update: Korean food at Haesong was quite good. The Kimchi was ridiculously spicy, but otherwise it was great. Unfortunately, the U.S. couldn't outmatch the Ghanans so their run is done in this year's World Cup. I'll be pulling for the Socceroos from here on out.


  • Last week in the country? Damn has it been that long already? Well, safe travels back man. Let us know when you get home so we can buy you a round or two and get the real Sri Lanka story!

    By Blogger Michael, at 6/29/2006 08:12:00 AM  

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